Our Businesses

Residential Property Development

Yanlord develops large-scale projects located in prime and high-end residential areas. Our developments comprise apartment complexes and villas that are designed to provide our customers with an assurance of quality, a complete lifestyle experience and a sense of community living. Residential property developments are equipped with facilities and amenities such as childcare centers, kindergartens, dining facilities, gym facilities, swimming pools and other sporting facilities.

Commercial & Integrated Development

We develop high-end commercial and integrated properties such as offices, serviced apartments and shopping malls for sale and lease in Guiyang. Building on our success, we intend to further develop integrated developments compromising residential properties, offices, shopping/retail malls and serviced apartments in prime locations including Chengdu, Zhuhai and Tianjin.

Investment Property and Hotels

As part of our strategy to generate additional and recurrent revenue streams, we retain some of our commercial and integrated developments as investment properties for lease in order to maximize long-term benefits from the growth potential of the selected commercial property segments in key cities. We plan to build up a portfolio of investment properties selectively and progressively, while continuing to grow our core property development business.

Property Management

We also provide residential property management services for residential properties developed by us. While we place strong emphasis on maintaining the quality of our property developments, provision of excellent property management services has also enhanced the value of our brand equity, strengthened the recognition by our customers and protected the image of our developments. We believe that this business model preserves the value of our existing property developments and enhanced our reputation as a responsible property developer.

We provide a full range of property management services for residential properties developed by us, including security, building and equipment maintenance and repairs, facilities management, provision of child-care and other ancillary services, as well as the organisation of social and residential community functions.