Property Development - Residential, Commercial and Integrated Developments

Yanlord develops large-scale projects located in prime and high-end residential areas. Yanlord’s residential development comprises apartment complexes and villas that are designed to provide its customers with an assurance of quality, a complete lifestyle experience and a sense of community living. Residential property developments are equipped with facilities and amenities such as child-care centers, kindergartens, dining facilities, gym facilities, swimming pools, other sport facilities and community retail facilities. Yanlord also develops high-end commercial and integrated properties comprises residential, offices, retail shopping centres, serviced apartments, hotels, recreation facilities and business parks in the PRC.

Nanjing Riverbay Century Gardens (Phase 1&2)

Intersection of Huanzhou Road and Nanhuan Road (Planning) in the south of Jiangxin Island, Jianye District, Nanjing
Property Development

Nantong Four Seasons Gardens (Phase 1&2)

Intersection of Nanjing Zhong Lu and Zhujiang Road, Haimen City, Nantong
Property Development

Shanghai Olympic Garden (Phase 3 – Section 2)

Jiuting Town, Songjiang District,Shanghai,China
Property Development

Yancheng Yanlord The Mansion in Park

Tinghu District, Yancheng
Property Development

Suzhou Tang Yue Bay Gardens

The intersection of Binhe Road and Hengshan Road, High-tech District, Suzhou
Property Development

Nanjing Yanlord Landmark

Jiangxin Island, Jianye District, Nanjing City
Property Development Investment Properties, Hotel's & Other Completed Commercial Properties