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Shanghai Yanlord Townhouse

Ideally situated within the heart of Xin Jiangwancheng, one of the few remaining wetland ecological conservation zones in Shanghai, the 65,000m2 GFA Yanlord Townhouse development comprises high-quality, fully furnished villas and stylish apartment blocks that are seamlessly integrated with the lush natural surroundings.

Featuring a comprehensive range of amenities including private elevators, heated indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, clubhouses and expansive gardens, Yanlord Townhouse builds on key European architectural elements coupled with the Asian concept of harmony to create a unique blend that balances form and function.

Sited in close proximity to the Wujiaochang sub-center of the Shanghai Municipality as well as the Yangpu University District, Yanlord Townhouse capitalises on the natural tranquility of its surroundings and proximity to urban amenities to provide residents with homes that will satisfy both business and leisure needs.

  • 269 units
  • 65,572
  • R