Nanjing Yanlord International Apartments

116 Lushan Road, Jianye District, Nanjing

Yanlord International Apartments is located at No. 116 Lushan Road, Jianye district, Nanjing city. It is located in the central business district area in the Hexi New city center and is also beside the Nanjing Olympic Centre Stadium. This development consists of Tower A and B, and occupies a combined site area of 28,415 sqm and has a combined GFA of 110,177 sqm. We commenced construction of this development in May 2004 and completed construction of the entire development in June 2008. All of the total saleable GFA in Tower B had been sold. Tower A with a GFA of 42,494 sqm is being renovated.

  • 110,177
  • Residential, Serviced Apartment