Nanjing Plum Mansions, including Lakeside Mansions
南京梅花山庄 * 湖畔之星

66 Muxuyuan Street, Qinhuai District, Nanjing

Plum Mansions is located at No. 66 Muxuyuan Ave., Nanjing city. The development enjoys a good view of its natural surroundings, as it faces Yueya Lake and has Mount Zijinshan as a backdrop. This development is a residential development with 1,943 units and comprises of five phases, the last phase of which is called Lakeside Mansions. This development occupies a combined site area of 113,182 sqm and has a combined GFA of 327,667 sqm and a combined total saleable GFA of 241,000 sqm. We commenced construction of this development in May 1994 and completed construction of the entire development in December 2002.

  • 327,667
  • Residential