Chengdu Orchard Villa (Phase 1-6)

1089 Dongsheng Section, Dajian Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu

Orchard Villa (Phase 1 to 6) is located at Shuangliu district, Chengdu city. The first five phases occupy a site area of 259,865 sqm and has a GFA of 211,088 sqm It comprises of 854 units villa and accompany with retail shops and with a total saleable GFA of 211,088 sqm. The construction of first five phases were commenced in July 2009 and was completed in November 2019. The phase 6 of Orchard Villa comprises residential townhouses and occupies a site area of 56,677 sqm and has a GFA of 76,802 sqm and a total saleable GFA of 76,802 sqm. The construction of phase 6 was commenced in April 2019 and completed construction in December 2021.

  • 287,890
  • Residential, Retail