Nanjing Yanlord Phoenix Hill (Phase 1-4)

3 Shanshui Avenue, Pukou District, Nanjing

Yanlord Phoenix Hill is located within Nanjing’s picturesque Jiangbei district and is cradled within the lush surroundings of the Nanjing Daji Botanical Gardens, the scenic Lantau Peak and the Laoshan National Park, the site boasts its very own natural hot spring which can be piped into each of the townhouse and villa units within the development. This development is divided into four phases and the completed portion of the first phase of this development occupies a site area of 97,885 sqm and has a GFA of 57,849 sqm and a total saleable GFA of 57,834 sqm. We commenced the construction of this development in April 2018 and completed construction in December 2019. The second to fourth phase of this development comprises residential properties and retail shops. These developments occupy a combined site area of 372,397 sqm and have a combined projected GFA of 186,693 sqm.

  • 244,542
  • Residential, Retail