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Yanlord Landmark

Yanlord Nanjing, since its founding in May 1994, has been playing a pioneering role in the redevelopment of the historic imperial capital. Yanlord Nanjing contributed to Nanjing the first garden-style residential community, the first fully-fitted apartment project and the first international brand service apartments. By introducing exemplary projects to the local market, Yanlord Nanjing has been ascending to new heights through the years. Currently the Company is developing Yanlord River B...            [ more ]

 Yanlord G53 Tower

 Located in Hexi New Area, Yanlord G53 Tower occupies a land area of approximately 46,600 square meters with approximately 93,300 square meters GFA(above ground),among which 83,300 are residential and 10,000 are commercial. It is available for sale at present.

 Yanlord River Bay

Located along Yangtze River in Hexi New Area, Nanjing, Yanlord River Bay occupies a land area of approximately 357,100 square meters, which will be developed into a total GFA (above gound) of approximately 688,000 square meters. The project will be divided into four phases. The first phase has been sold out and will be delivered in January 2011. At present the company is undertaking the construction of the second phase.

 Orchid Mansions

Situated on the sloping hill side near the Huashen Lake in the Yuhuatai Scenery Area, Orchid Mansions is a top-grade villa project in Nanjing. It is located only 5 kilometers from the city center of Nanjing. With a low density of 17.6%, the 256 villas with a total GFA of 69,649 m2 are scattered across lush woods and bushes which were carefully preserved in the development. Other amenities include a 4,000 m2 golf course and a 1,800 m2 club house. It now accommodates many senior managers of the Fortune 500 companies in Nanjing.

 Bamboo Gardens

Bamboo Garden exemplifies Yanlords contribution to Nanjings new town development. Located on the east of Huashen Lake and to the south of Yuhuatai Scenery Area, Bamboo Garden is now a landmark residential project in Nanjing. Bamboo Garden has a total GFA of 380,000 m2 and is divided into 3 phases. It represents sound planning and extensive use of environment preserving technologies. The project also enjoys comprehensive entertainment and other amenities and is especially appealing to young professionals. The project is expected to complete in Dec. 2008.

 Lakeside Mansions

Lakeside Mansions, the last phase of Plum Mansions, is the first fully-fitted development project in Nanjing. It is adjacent to the Yueya Lake Garden. With a total GFA of 76,900 m2, Lakeside Mansions is composed of 389 units in high-rise apartment blocks. The common areas take after traditional Chinese garden designs which feature pavilions, ponds, creeks and bridges. This project enjoys the beautiful sceneries of mountain, lake, woods and ancient garrison citadels. The provision of professional property management services further makes Lakeside Mansions to be a favorite neighborhood for corporate managers from overseas. Lakeside Mansions was completed in Dec. 2002.

 Plum Mansions

Plum Mansions is adjacent to scenic areas such as Purple Mountain and Yueya Lake. It is the first commercial residential project in Nanjing and was visited by former Premier Zhu Rongji. With a site area of 113,182 m2, the project has a total GFA of 327,667 m2 and a salable GFA of 241,000 m2. Plum Mansions is divided into 5 phases, the last being Lakeside Mansions. It comprises 1,537 units and the first four phases were completed in October 1999.

 Yanlord International Apartments

Yanlord International Apartments, located at the new CBD of Nanjing in Hexi New District and in close vicinity to Nanjing Olympic Center, is an iconic building of this fast emerging area. The twin-tower structure comprises Nanjing Frasers Suites in Tower A, the first service apartments managed by an international hospitality company in Nanjing, and 254 fully-fitted executive apartments in Tower B. Some of the distinguishing features of Yanlord International Apartments are two 9-meter high lobbies, a 6,000 m2 luxurious club house and sophisticated intelligent building management system. Equipped with meticulous and personalized services, the project has attracted senior managers of the Fortune 500 companies. Yanlord International Apartments is undisputedly one of the top-notch properties in Nanjing.