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Yanlord Landmark

Founded in May 2001, Yanlord Guizhou represents the Groupí»s first step in West China in response to the Chinese Governmentí»s strategy of developing this vast region. Xintian Center, a pedestrian mall, and Yanlord Villas, both located in Wudang District of Guiyang City, have earned Yanlord a good reputation in the local market. By leveraging on its past success, Yanlord Guiyang will continue to develop quality products and to provide quality management services, making ourselves an outsta...            [ more ]

Xintian Center is the first development project of Yanlord in West China. Located in the prime location of Wudang District, the project is a pedestrian mall of the highest standard. Xintian Center occupies a land area of 28 mu, or a little more than 18,000 m2. It represents advanced concept in architecture and landscaping. With a total salable GFA of 14,346 m2, Xintian Center comprises a pedestrian walk and shopping arcades. The pedestrian walk is the axis of the project. It starts with the entrance plaza, to the Central Garden and ends with the recreation facilities. The shopping arcades on both sides feature traditional Chinese architecture and offers local people with various experiences in shopping, recreation and sight-seeing. Since completion in June 2004, Xintian Center has been recognized as the iconic project of the region and helped elevate the land value of the surrounding region.

 Yanlord Villas

Yanlord Villas is the first villa development project of Yanlord in West China. Located at No. 98 of Xintian Avenue (North) in Wudang District of Guiyang, the project enjoys convenient transportation. It is 10 minutesí» drive from downtown Guiyang, 12 minutesí» drive from Guiyang Airport and 15 minutesí» drive from Zhazuo Golf Course. With a total GFA of 36, 258m2, the project comprises 92 townhouses and duplexes. With a plot ratio of 0.65 and a green area ratio of 56%, the circular layout of the individual blocks creates a central scenery for the project. Residents could enjoy recreation, shopping, leisure and restaurants of the adjacent Xintian Center. They also have access to exclusive clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis court, gym and golf practice course within the project. The project proves appealing to high-end customers of Guiyang with its quality and amenities. The project also proves Yanlordí»s ability to develop projects in inland provinces in addition to more traditional first-tier development locations.