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Yanlord Landmark

Shanghai Yanlord Property Co. Ltd., established in 1993, represents the earliest effort of Yanlord in developing properties in PRC. It is also the example of Yanlord's business philosophy to development: developing land with devotion and building quality accommodation with passion. It is committed to developing fully-fitted residential apartments from the very beginning, its first project being Yanlord Plaza beside the Huangpu River. Since then, Yanlord Shanghai has established itself as a...            [ more ]



 Yanlord Townhouse

Ideally situated within the heart of Xin Jiangwancheng, one of few remaining wetland ecological conservation zones in Shanghai, the 65,000sqm GFA Yanlord Townhouse development comprises of high-quality fully furnished villas and stylistic apartment blocks that are seamlessly integrated with the lush natural surroundings. Featuring a comprehensive range of amenities including private elevators, heated indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, clubhouses and expansive gardens, Yanlord Townhouse builds on key European architectural elements coupled with the Asian concept of harmony to create a unique blend that balances form and functionality. Sited in close proximity to the Wujiaochang sub-center of the Shanghai Municipality as well as the Yangpu University District, Yanlord Townhouse capitalises on the natural tranquility of its surroundings coupled with proximity to the amenities of cosmopolitan living to provide residents with homes that will satisfy both their busy business schedules and recreational needs. The project was launched in October to strong support from buyers. The project was launched in October and was well received in the market.

 Yanlord Sunland Park

Located within the tranquil environment of the Shanghai Senlan International Community District, Yanlord Sunland Gardens builds on the Group¡¯s design concepts to seamlessly blend the natural beauty of lush greenery and flowing creeks with the convenience of a comprehensive suite of modern amenities. Benefiting from excellent connectivity via the city¡¯s transportation network, the 320,000 sqm Yanlord Sunland Gardens will feature high quality, fully-fitted apartments and duplexes that target discerning buyers from the various MNCs and Fortune 500 companies operating out of the key commercial districts nearby such as the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone and Jinqiao Export Processing Zone. The project will be available for pre-sale in 2011.

 Yanlord Yulan Bay

Located in Qingpu New Town, one of the 3 new townships earmarked for functional development by the municipal government of Shanghai, Yulan Bay is ideally situated between Hongqiao CBD & Transportation Hub and the scenic spots of Dianshan Lake and Zhujiajiao area and is a short 20-minute drive from Yulan Bay to Hongqiao Airport. With a low density plot ratio of 1.0, the 117,000 m2GFA Yulan Bay is the first residential project in Qingpu District that is designed in accordance with the 3A project requirements. Featuring a lush scenic garden, coupled with the traditional waterfront features of southern China, Yanlord Yulan Bay represents the Group¡¯s continued focus to deliver meticulously designed projects that will enhance the living environment for its customers.

 Yanlord Riverside City

Yanlord Riverside City carries on Yanlord¡¯s tradition of building high-end residences as represented by Yanlord Gardens and Yanlord Riverside Garden. Part of the Lianyang International Community district, the project benefits from easy connection to Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park and other major functional areas of Shanghai. Selected as one of the 100 Most Beautiful Residential Communities in China by the Chinese National Geography Magazine, the 740,000m2 Yanlord Riverside City derives its name from the 40-meter-wide creek flowing through the development. Lying in close proximity to key cultural and recreational facilities such asthe Century Park which is the largest park in Shanghai,Yanlord Riverside City further accentuates the lush natural surroundings with scenic features such as a 50-meter wide boulevard and a green area ratio of 60%. Since its launch, Yanlord Riverside City has garnered numerous achievements and awards, including the Luban Award, the highest prize for engineering in China. Yanlord Riverside City topped residential projects¡¯ sales in Shanghai for three consecutive years from 2007 to 2009. It now accommodates residents from many different countries and regions.

 Yanlord-Yunjie Riverside Garden

Yanlord Yunjie Riverside Garden, located in the scenic residential area of Qingpu New Township, is recognized by the municipal government of Shanghai as one of the earliest environment-friendly residential project. The project is well-connected with a highway system and the planned Metro Line No. 20. Within its vicinity are several tourist spots like Zhujiajiao, Oriental Land, and the Grand View Garden. It is a 20-minute drive from Yanlord Yunjie Riverside Garden to Hongqiao Airport. With a GFA of 252,000 m2, Yanlord Yunjie Riverside Garden comprises low-rise townhouses and duplexes on the water-front area and multi-storey apartments. There are also some shopping space in the project. The project also garnered several awards for its architectural design, application of energy preservation technologies and apartment furnishing. In 2005 it was elected as the Most Popular Residential Development Project in Shanghai. The project has been delivered to customers.

 Yanlord Riverside Gardens

Yanlord Riverside Garden is a renowned international community in Shanghai. Located beside Suzhou Creek, the project is close to Hongqiao Business District of Shanghai and is conveniently accessible as it lies near Metro Line No.2, and Yan¡¯an Elevated Expressway, which is the major artery road in downtown Shanghai. It is also close to the Hongqiao Airport. Other amenities in vicinity are Carrefour Supermarket, Xijiao State Guest Hotel, and East China University, etc. The GFA of Yanlord Riverside Garden is 327,000 m2. The plot ratio of the project is 2.5 and the green area ratio is approximately 60%. The central piece of the project is a well designed garden, with apartment blocks arranged in a circular layout to provide every unit with good ventilation and unobstructed view of the central garden. The Group also adopted new technologies to make the property secure and environment-friendly. In addition, the 6000 m2 waterside clubhouse and the first-class fittings make Yanlord Riverside Garden especially appealing to international business expatriates. Yanlord Riverside Garden is recognized as a State Model for Property Development. Over the years, the project also garnered numerous awards from the Municipal Government of Shanghai for landscaping, architectural design, application of new technologies, and development quality in general.

 Yanlord Town

Yanlord Town represents Yanlord¡¯s innovative drive for new product development. Close to Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone and connected to the urban expressway system and Metro Line No.6, Yanlord Town comprises 6-storey elevator apartment buildings, featuring low density and fully fitted units. The Group takes a holistic approach towards project designing. By integrating the architecture design, landscaping and interior decoration, the Group has successfully shortened the development time and reduced material consumption. As the PRC Real Estate Journal commented, the development model of Yanlord Town signifies an innovation in residential apartments design. The GFA of Yanlord Town is approximately 83,000 m2. With 12 blocks and 1 club house built on the site, the FAR of the project is 0.8, whereas the green area ratio is 60%. The average space between blocks is 40 meters and is characterized by a Mediterranean style. Other features include red roofing, attractive landscaping, and roofed corridors. All these factors contribute to the high quality of the project and appeal to many residents from overseas. In 2006, Yanlord Town was recognized as the Best Fully-fitted Apartment Project in Shanghai.

 Yanlord Gardens

Yanlord Gardens is the representative of Yanlord¡¯s development philosophy. Facing the historic buildings on the West Bund across Huangpu River, Yanlord Gardens is located in Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone of Pudong Shanghai, neighboring the iconic buildings such as Jinmao Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower and World Finance Center. Yanlord Gardens comprises high and medium-height apartment blocks in a circular layout, which renders the residents with space as well as privacy. The project has a GFA of 430,000 m2. Yanlord also makes extensive use of new technologies in the development. Other amenities include well trimmed garden and 6000 m2 club house. It accommodates over 1200 households from over 40 countries and regions. As the property is occupied with a high percentage of overseas residents, Yanlord Gardens is recognized as a Miniature United Nations in Shanghai. Among many awards it has garnered, Yanlord Gardens was accredited with AAA Residential Project by the Ministry of Construction of China in 2001, the first project to receive the accreditation in Shanghai. It is also recognized as a national model for property management. Yanlord Gardens also saw the setup of the first Residents¡¯ Committee (a quasi-government organization in China) with members from outside China.

 Yanlord Plaza

Yanlord Plaza, Yanlord¡¯s maiden project in Shanghai, is also an example of the earliest fully-fitted residential project in Shanghai. Located in Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone and close to Nanpu Bridge on the Huangpu River, Yanlord Plaza comprises 4 blocks of different heights and styles. With a total GFA of over 53,000 m2, Yanlord Plaza features sound planning, comprehensive amenities and full property management services. It is still attractive albeit built in the early 1990s. Yanlord Plaza has garnered several awards for its architectural design, construction works and overall quality. It also won the highest award for engineering in China, Luban Award, making Yanlord the first foreign property developer to be awarded with this honor.

 Yanlord Apartments

Yanlord Apartments is built on the first auctioned land parcel of Pudong New Area Shanghai. The project is a 18-storey structure and has an approximate GFA of 13,500 m2. Started in Oct. 1996, the project was completed and sold out in a year, which is a proof of Yanlord¡¯s competitive strength.

 Sanjiagang Site

Sanjiagang Site is located in the planned culture and tourism area at the seaside in Pudong New Area. With a site area of 71,662 square meters, it will be developed into a total GFA of 42,835 square meters. At present it is under conceptual planning.