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Yanlord Landmark

Our Audit Committee is guided by its terms of reference which set out its responsibilities including

(a)review with the external and internal auditors of their audit plans and their evaluation of the system of internal accounting controls; (b)review of quarterly and annual financial results announcements before submission to our Board for approval;
(c)review of internal control procedures and co-ordination between the external auditors and our management;
(d)review with the external auditors on any suspected fraud or irregularity, or suspected infringement of any relevant laws, rules or regulations, which has or is likely to have a material impact on our operating results or financial position;
(e)consider and recommend the appointment or re-appointment of the external auditors and matters relating to the resignation or dismissal of the auditors;
(f)review of interested person transactions (if any) falling within the scope of Chapter 9 of the Listing Manual;
(g)undertake such other functions and duties as may be required by the relevant rules and regulations.