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Welcome to Yanlord Land Group Corporate Website:

It is a great pleasure to share the growth and development strategies of Yanlord in China and its outlook on our corporate website. Similar to many enterprises, Yanlord went through many challenges during its initial entry into the China real estate sector.

Since the early 1990s, China¡¯s rapid economic development had captured the focus and attention of the international community. This rapid development coupled with the designation of the Pudong New Area in Shanghai as China¡¯s newest financial centre paved the way for our entry into the promising Shanghai real estate sector. While Shanghai¡¯s Puxi district was amongst the most crowded economic regions in the PRC at that time, Shanghai¡¯s Pudong district was still largely undeveloped. Recognising the underlying potential for high-end real estate development in Shanghai¡¯s Pudong district, Yanlord made its landmark entrance into the PRC in 1993. Seeking to further establish its presence within the Yangtze River Delta, Yanlord expanded into Nanjing in 1994 thereby securing a firm foothold in two of the highest GDP growth cities in China.

When the Group began its initial forays into new district development in Pudong, Shanghai and Nanjing¡¯s old town redevelopment, the operating landscape was more challenging than the current environment. Despite key issues such as the shortage of resources and material, tightness in the credit market for property mortgage finance and prevailing societal views towards residential apartments and real-estate development, Yanlord overcame all adversities and successfully established its position as a leading provider of high-end fully fitted apartments within the China real estate sector.

Adhering to our guiding principle of ¡°Building quality accommodations with passion¡± the Group¡¯s signature developments focus greatly on achieving a balance between form and function. This dedication to our developments and the commitment to building quality property have earned the Group numerous quality and design awards that serves to further establish Yanlord¡¯s presence as a top-tier developer of high-end residential properties in the PRC.

In addition, the Group is also strongly committed to ¡°Managing comfortable homes¡±. This is evidenced by the full range of property management services for our residential properties that are catered towards the long-term benefit of Yanlord¡¯s customers. This commitment to quality and design has won the Group numerous accolades and has served to reinforce the Groups position within the high-end residential development sector.

Capitalising on our past achievements, Yanlord has accumulated a wealth of experience in the property development industry and cultivated a strong management team in preparation of its future expansion and developments.

Following the PRC government's policies to speed up economic development in western China at the arrival of the new millennium, Yanlord took prompt action to capitalise on the underlying potential for development in western China. In 2001, Yanlord launched a multi-phase expansion strategy through establishing operations in western China namely in Guiyang, and subsequently diversifying into commercial property in Chengdu. In 2004, Yanlord continued its geographical expansion across four other major economic regions in the PRC; northwards past the Yellow River to Tianjin and southwards towards the South China Sea region, marking its presence in Zhuhai, and Shenzhen; in the Yangtze River Delta, we successfully added Suzhou. With an established presence in these 8 high growth cities, the Group embarked on its business strategy to expand its development portfolio to include a full suite of high end residential development and investment property developments like serviced apartment, retails, office and hotels.

On 22 June 2006, the Group was successfully listed on the Singapore Exchange Mainboard, granting it access to international capital markets. Within the short span of time that it was listed, the Group has won numerous awards for corporate governance and was selected as one of the Straits Times Index constituent stocks in January 2008, ranking it amongst the most valuable listed companies in Singapore.

Through our relentless efforts over the past 15 years, Yanlord has grown from its humble beginnings to its current standing within international capital markets. Guided by a corporate vision to ¡°Develop our business with benevolence and integrity so as to achieve perpetuity through perseverance¡±,Yanlord remains committed to maximizing its land value by building quality accommodations. Driven by its indomitable corporate spirit, strong sense of social responsibility and obligation towards society, Yanlord continues to make headway as a leader within the high-end PRC property sector.

Looking back on our past achievements, Yanlord¡¯s successes were mainly attributable to its comprehensive corporate strategies. Backed by a talented team of employees and an outstanding management team, Yanlord will continue to build on its past experiences and strong foundations to achieve greater success and transcend to its next level of development.

Although the global financial markets are experiencing a slowdown currently, the Group expects the situation to be temporal, and strongly believes that the PRC contains huge potential for development. With the PRC Central Government¡¯s active initiatives in reforming land in rural areas for development, urbanization will continue to be the most powerful catalyst of growth for the economy. It is estimated that over 20 million Chinese residents living in rural area are relocating to cities annually. Such large-scale urbanization will further expand the market demand and create lucrative long-term market opportunities for real estate developers.

But certainly, we expect market competition to intensify in the future, and thus we shall not rest on our laurels, but instead constantly seek improvement and growth. Yanlord is committed towards building an even more effective business system and corporate culture, developing a larger pool of elite talents, and streamlining the Group¡¯s administration and operations. Through these measures, the Group hopes to deliver a greater number of quality properties to our valued customers and to scale towards greater heights in the property development business.

At the same time, we value any form of feedback, comments or queries from the public as well as hope that our valued customers and the community will continue to support Yanlord in its future endeavors.


Yours sincerely,
Zhong Sheng Jian
Chairman & President
Yanlord Land Group Limited